A majority of my professional work is protected by non-disclosure agreements. A couple of projects from my years at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design are displayed below. I hope you enjoy them. 


In 2009 I was accepted to FABRICA. The prestigious arts center funded by the Benetton Group. During my two week trial period I created this poster for an Avis blood drive. The poster was chosen by Avis and soon appeared on busses and walls in Treviso, Italy. 

In November of 2012 the poster was featured in an exhibit on socially impacting posters in the Musei Civici in Treviso.


Design Life

Many years ago I interviewed the talented Mike Roy for a design podcast. During the interview, Mike talked about life as a designer and the day-to-day grind of doing creative work. Around the same time my good friend Brian Twigg and I were a little obsessed with painting typography. We were able to take over one of the galleries at RMCAD and paint this quote. At the point we did this project I was still a student. Years later this quote rings true. Thanks for the wisdom Mr. Roy.


As seniors Brian Twigg, and I decided to take a Stop Motion Animation Class for fun. Neither of us needed the credits but thought it would be enjoyable while providing a good challenge. We ended up attempting a project on a scale we had not dealt with previously. 

Trying to combine our love of typography with stop motion animation we initially experimented with small scale drawings. We loved the result of being able to see quotes grow on a wall and decided to run with that idea. 

The quote we decided upon is "Ever Tried? Ever Failed? No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better." by Samuel Beckett. It fits our school while also aligning with our philosophy towards design.

Pro Trip: The real fun starts at 3:54 in the video. The start of the video sums ups our process and a semester of work. 

Experimental Type

Exploring typography in a physical space gave us a unique challenge and opportunity to use classic design principles in an unusual way. Our project explored form, sequencing, layout, and interaction through the interesting medium of insulation foam.